To promote the cause of intelligent art of living a healthy, peaceful, spiritual value based life of lofty ideals & moral values. It should also manifest the inner divinity & spiritual energies of humankind. 

To awaken the spirit of human beings & arouse them from deep slumber of inertness, dormancy & ignorance. 

To bring about a creative, multi- façade integrated development among the rural poor in the remote Indian villages

  1. The trust is working tirelessly to search out a special academic system through Yoga- Vedanta Sadhanalaya (meditation center) Vipasana, Yoga-Naturopathic Chikitsalya (Healing center), Yoga Naturopathic Mahavidyalaya (Institute) to promote, foster, propagate and arrange for the intensive research, practice, formulation, assimilation & implementation of multi-dimensional, spiritual, academic, technical, social, aesthetical, environmental, ecological and creative art of skilled, self reliance training/awareness programs. 
  2.  To awaken the consciousness, sympathy, concern for the upkeep & conservation of pollution free environment & natural resources, which includes a forestation, plantation of herbs, medicinal plants and fruit orchards. Promote Apiary, cattle-breeding etc. Conduct awareness programs, which includes rendering discourses through camps, seminars to realize the loving care of Mother Nature.
  3. To produce dedicated social work groups experienced in ancient Vedic science & knowledge. Also modern education through creation of Orphanage (school) Gurukul Brahmacharya Ashram & self reliant Rishi- Vidyatayana (Educational Facilities), who shall serve the nation and mankind with truth, purity and dedication. 
  4. To create & construct old age homes & residential Ashrams for the aged & widows, saints and sages who remain neglected, destitute due to lack of sympathy & attention of the society.
  5. To construct " Akhanda Omkar Upasana Mandir" and conduct regular " Samabeta Upasana" to inculcate the concept of universal oneness, unity, fraternity and integrity, to spread the message of love, peace and friendship, welfare, and happiness for all. 
  6. To expand the existing reading library, publications of religious books and encourage Sanskrit & religious and moral value based education among the youth & children. Also opening of a center to conduct cultural and social exchange programs to foster social harmony. Arrange for drinking water projects for public and distribution of food/ clothes to help the needy. Also to serve the mankind in natural calamity. Provide social & spiritual counseling /advocacy and assistance to the needy people. 


  1. To practice, propagate and foster the ideals, message and ideological trends directions laid down by parama Pujja Pada, Akhanda Mandelshwar, Sri Srimat Swami Swarupanand Paramhamsa Deva, through his unique "Akhanda Spirituality" and "Akhanda Philosophy".
  2. To conduct daily, weekly special Samabeta "Upasana" (prayers) at the existing premises and establishment of other "Akhanda Omkar Upasana ", musical programmes and conduct spiritual discourses. Arrange for Yearly "Suva Janmoutsaves" Birth Anniversary Celebration of Shri Shrimat Swami Swarupananda Paramhamsa Deva, Shri Shri Swami Mangal Nath Ji Maharaj and Shri shri Swami Prem Nath Ji Maharaj and other Holy spiritual-masters with Conduct Sambabeta Upasana, Hari-Om Nam Kirtan, Mahaprasadam Distribution, Path-Prakalpa and Prawachan, etc. for the Humanity development.
  3. To Arrange for and maintain Reading Library for in-depth study and Research of Swami Swarupanand literature and other Religious / Ideological / Philosophical/Arts & Cultural, Ancient & Modern Scientific literatures of various schools of thought.
  4. To promote the cause of intelligent art of living a peaceful and tension free harmonious life of bliss (Aanandam) by paying utmost respect towards lofty ideals and spiritual values, perfection and purity, universal love, truth and brotherhood and above all, belief and faith upon the Absolute, "Universal Supreme Spirit"; by leading a divine life of meditation, yoga, through intensive religious studies, self sacrifice dedicated social service to reveal the intrinsic potentials, inner-divinity and spiritual energies of honorable human beings, irrespective of cast, race or creed colors and above all sectarianism. To conduct regular Yoga-Asana /Meditation training classes to develop the physical, metal, spiritual faculties to reveal the intrinsic potentials of a Complete Human Being.
  5. To foster and propagate the intelligent art of sound health management through intensive research and practice, formulation, assimilation and apt implementation of health management Training programmes, such as (a) Spiritual healing through Religious Discourses, Yoga & Yogic Sciences Therapy & Meditation, (b) Acupressure / Acupuncture & Su- Jok Therapy, (c) Naturopathy, (d) Ayurvedic Herbal Therapy, Micro-Herbs, and Ayurvedic Panchkarma Treatment... (e) Magneto Therapy (f) Chromopathy, (g) Homeopathy and other Alternative therapies of Ancient and Modern Sciences. Through the Institution as A spiritual retreat & Yoga-Vedanta Academic & Ayurvedic Naturo-Therapic Research Center. Conduct various health training programmes, seminars, health camps, awareness campaigns, provide reference/library facilities, for further studies and research, maintain a brain-bank of actual experiences for the masses.
  6. To search out and execute an unique system/pattern of Free Education to impart precise knowledge of discernment, manifest the inner divinity, awaken the spiritual consciousness of human beings, through introduction of advanced/researched techniques in child, youth and adult education, thereby attracting the cream of attention of the present and future generations to provide help and service to further the cause of sound education among the rural mass. To encourage Sanskrit as the universal language and medium of expression for the researcher.
  7. To set up a Gurukul based modern education and Orphanage University the Composition of Nalanda and Oxford, the combination of Taxshila and Cambridge. For this we would run a Vocational Education Institute through which we shall provide basic needs of youth. Also we shall provide shelter to orphan children. The trust endeavors to establish a learning center where in it will be the prime objective to foster education based on modern scientific learning; to promote a healthy mind and a vibrant body enabling facilitation of spiritual development to rejuvenate latent noble virtues in children so that their lives epitomize the values of beauty, dedication, and rationalism there by engendering a world of harmony of friendship, brotherhood, peace, and prosperity.
  8. To develop and awaken the consciousness, sympathy and concern for the upkeep & conservation of the natural resource, environment and ecology, with due regards to proper management while tapping natural resources at various levels as well maintenance of Eco-Friendly Society. To render Research and discourses through camps, seminars, training, programmes. Conduct aforestation, plantation of herbs, medicinal plants, fruit orchards, propagate techniques of scientific agriculture quality seed production, distribution and storage. Educate the rural poor/mass on optimum use, systematized collection of water, oil, and wood and other related conservation techniques. Promote Apiary and Cattle Breeding to increase milk and honey production, and to realise the sympathetic loving care of Mother Nature.
  9. To Arrange for and maintain free protected drinking water projects through construction of wells, Water herbage Tank to stopping the rainwater it would flow away, Installation of Hand pumps for supply of pure Clean drinking water to the needy poor to a limited extent and transfer the know-how/technology of such projects to the general mass for proper/ optimum utility of protected-clean-pure drinking water Sources. To start proper water management project to become green revolution on the Earth.
  10. To Arrange for and maintain Ashram Guest Houses with Rooms and proper sanitary attachments and facilities. To provide residential accommodations for pilgrims, ascetics, saints and sages, for a limited time period according to the rules & discretions of the Trust authorities.
  11. To provide Serving food to the hungry poor/destitute, and to arrange for Old-Age Homes for the aged people and widows who are neglected.
  12. To set-up Gurukul based modern education and Orphanage University for the Orphans-children, who should build-up a dedicated group as National Volunteer-Forces for service of the Nation and to provide free spiritual and social advocacy, especially to the needy, poor and arrange for their assistance and help. We would like a countrywide movement that work to prevent some of the utter violations of people’s fundamental Human Rights by government. To take the antisocials after their purification, in the main stream of Human society. This is with a view to end the social evils to make a crime free society in India and extending it throughout the World. Through Human rights educational programme and reformatory wings campaign against every mal practices and exploitation by the public servants and government on the peoples and prisoners to ensure Democracy.
  13. To promote small-scale financial saving schemes, Micro-finance to foster the concept of thrift for future development among the rural poor and upgrade their economical conditions. To build the field of community development Finance in India and other Countries also, to help the members and associates institutions to better serve low income Households, Particularly women’s in both rural and urban of the Countries, to improving their quality of life.
  14. To Promote and encourage cottage industrial training programmes, small scale-industrial projects implementations, to provide scope and foster income generation techniques to oversee the implementation of different anti-poverty programmes to boost self-reliance, among rural youth, men, women and children, especially who have become drop-outs of society or schools and upgrade their economic conditions and To workout for prevention of Atrocities on women & prostitutes. Proposal for separate hostel for providing accommodation for working women and their children,
  15. To Promote / render guidance to Tourism, Traveling & Trekking programmes to various Tirthas and pilgrimage and adventure sports. Protect and arrange for Study-tours, excursions camps on scientific, historical, adventure, environment, ecology, wild life, religious, cultural, socio-economical, health and other management, advance technological subjects.
  16. To Conduct courses and arrange workshops in upgrading community living standards, recreations, communication, Folk-Art and Culture, to encourage Sanskrit as Religious Education, Social Exchange Programmes, etc.
  17. To Promote Information and Broadcasting Center: For sake of global spread of Ayurvedic methods of Treatment and Yogic applications and to alleviate human sufferings, modern means of communications such as T. V., Radio, Magazines, Journals, News Papers etc. will be utilized effectively, in a well planned way.
  18. To help and assistance for disabled persons, Widows, Orphans, Tribals and old citizens for their good health maintenance socio-economic scenario, self-reliant & satisfaction.
  19. To Practice and promote to develop scientific systems of community living through construction / display and transfer of technological know-how’s on the optimum effective use of fuel, money and energy saving devices such as (a) Smokeless Ovens, (b) Solar Cookers (c) Solar Lighting system (d) Gobar Gas plants,  (e) Fibrocement water tanks and roofing units. (f) Organic- food Flowers, fruits and grains will be grown with pure water, cow dung and neem leaf manure, on the different area of land, wherefore people coming for treatment and Yog-Sadhana may get pure and natural organic foods.
  20. To Promote Green house to produce fruits / vegetables at various high altitudes in the Himalayan Ranges. Natural Herbal Garden Whereas, a celestial beauty will pervade the inner atmosphere of the Institution, the external surroundings such as roads, paths etc. will be made beautiful by planting variety of lovely and attractive flowers, creepers, trees and grass lawns to make the visitors so happy that they are lost amidst the beauties of nature. Rare medicinal plants, collected from all parts of country including Himalayan region will be planted on a vast land, in systematic way to conserve rare medicinal plants from extinction and to encourage their nourishment in the region, which will facilitate fresh use of flowers, fruits, leaves, seeds and skin of the medicinal plants for treatment and further research. Odorous wind flowing through herbal garden will soothe the body and calm the mind of all patients here and to provide hoped that fresh and efficacious nectar extracted from plants of the herbal garden will be available as drink for patients.
  21. To undertake and carryout many many research Projects self or jointly with Private agencies, Governments, Semi-Governments, different NGOs of the United Nations of the World. In a nutshell, manifest the inner divinity and 'creative spirit, reveal the diverse intrinsic potentials of the village masses, and spread the divine message of Universal Love, Peace, Solidarity through out the Universe

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