Type   of    Courses Yoga Training Course

Basic :-
  3 days,  7 days,  15 days

Junior:-  1 month,  2 month,  3 month

Advance:-  6 month,  1 year,  3 year

1st day 

Morning 7 to 10 a.m.

Yoga Introduction, Prayanama and Meditation

Evening 5 to 8.p.m

Some joints movements, Mudra and question answer.
2nd day

Morning 7 to 10a.m.

Some mantra practice related yoga, Kinds of pranayama,  Bandha mudra meditation yoga postures.

Evening 5 to 8.p.m

some yoga posture meditation, relaxation and question answer discourse.
3rd day 

Morning 7 to 10a.m.

Gradually details in corporated to make the postures and everything more corrected.

Evening 5 to 8.p.m

Kinds of mudra, bandha, pranayama and meditation should be twists, any type of question and answer related in yoga courses.

1 Week Course

(for students at general level of practice)

3+3=6*7 days= 42 hours duration
It gives a general background consisting of sitting poses, twists, prone, supine and inverted poses. As stability is gained in the practice of these kinds of postures, pranayama, meditation, mudra, bandha, yoga-nidra etc. are also introduced. Every things more thoroughly and thoughtfully in this way the quality of practice will improve      
15 Days Course (Only  for those at higher level)
3+3=6*15 days=90 hours duration
Introduces the basic asanas, pranayamas, mudra, bandha, meditation and theory, the succeeding courses build on this original foundation. in courses 2nd to 6rth the lessons are grouped into monthly cycles, with a different emphasis of postures each week of the month. This result in a variety of lessons as the principles and techniques of the postures and everything are absorbed, practice it increases in intensity and sensitivity. 

  1 Month Course

  2 Months Course

  3 Months Course

  6 Months Course

  1 Year Course

  2 Years 

(Only for advanced students)
Certificate will be issued after the completion of the course. If you are interested any of the Courses or Treatment programs then you contact Swami Ji personally 
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Basic Sanskrit, Message of Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Texts (Hathayoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samita), Narada Bhakti Sutras, Kundalini Yoga, Yoga In Modren World, Religions (Christianity, Islam etc.,) concept of Dharma (Epics and Puranas). Basic course in YOGASANSA, first course on Pranayama, Kriyas, introductory course, techniques of meditation, science of emotion culture, special techniques for different ailments, yoga counseling.

Naturopaths Training Course

Basic             Junior          Advance
6 months          1 Year        3 Years

Modern medical science has constantly and earnestly been endeavoring to relieve the sufferings of humanity by reinstalling and rearranging skillfully, human mechanism and by evolving a highly sophisticated diagnostic system, which can penetrate into the minute parts of the body. Drug industry has flooded the market with various medicines like pain-killers, antibiotics, steroids, tranquilizer and other life saving drugs. But inspite of all these endeavors, there is no end to human sufferings. Rather they are rather increasing day by day. Poor and ignorant people, in search of quick relief, are attracted more and more towards these beautifully wrapped colour medicines, without knowing their harmful side effects. Even highly qualified Doctors are not able to realise that human body is not a hand made machine, it has a tremendous regenerating and healing capacity of its own. What Ayurveda, Yoga and Nature Cure do is just revive, rejuvenate and assist that capacity.

Since Ayurveda, Yoga & Nature cure systems combined together are not only preventive and curative but educative as well. It enables a person to live a healthy and happy life throughout the age. Such a fusion of values and establishment of unified personality is the sharpest challenge for a happy and a healthy living. To meet this challenge a most modern and well equipped Ayurveda Yoga & Nature Cure Centre has been established at the bank of the Ganga, most holy place Rishikesh, Uttaranchal named "Sree Mangal Yoga & Nature Cure Centre". During the last seven years this centre has been serving and curing successfully.

Many serious diseases like heart problem, epilepsy, spondilitis, paralysis etc. by naturopathy and without using any allopathic medicines. Arrangements are there to teach Yoga and Naturopathy. For outstation patients and students best food and accommodation is arranged at very cheap rates. By visiting our centre one can realise how by naturopathy and Yoga one can enjoy life in its most beautiful way. Please do visit our Ashram.We have different type of facilities to cure these diseases.

   Bronchial Asthma
   Nasal Allergy
   Diabetes Mellitus
   Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteo Arthritis
   Low Back Pain
   Hypertension, Hypo tension
   Ischaemic Heart Disease, Angina
   Acid peptic disease
   Irritable bowel Syndrome
   Tension Headache
   Psychiatric Disorder
   Menstrual Disorder
   Ophthalmic Disorders
   Muscular Dystrophy