Consistent Positive Alttitude.
Overcoming tension, guilty feeling, worry. Also memory improvement, leadership in public welfare etc.

Motivation for those who are willing to perform.

Are you moving towards death? Have you learnt the art of death?

May You Ask Yourself?

Open your mind to the remarkable techniques and discover a real success in business and life. We train you, programme you, coach you, through scientific exercise to improve upon yourself. Command an enviable personality.  deal for executives, professionals, businessmen,, housewives, students. 

International researches in psychology and behavioral sciences have formulated time tested training systems to bring about phenomenal change in human attitude meant for employees, entrepreneurs, student , housewives etc. .

Combating forgetfulness. Your memory power can be enhanced beyond your wildest dreams. Remembering dates, phone no, names, recollecting old faces are some of the examples..

How can I stop shying and build self-confidence? 
How to achieve higher standards in quality and    performance?
How to combat tension, guilt-feeling, worry,    anxiety?
Can I change my bad habits into good habits?
How to take right decision?
Will I always loose in life?
How to develop strong friendship?
How can I be more assertive and stand on my own?


Your investment in this course gives you renewed unbelievable faith in yourself and improve your prospects for a more fulfilling life. Helps in goal setting, sequential thinking, directional control and better outlook. Tested approach after many years of research brings out the best in you. It also includes de-stressing, time management etc. 

Important Instructions for
Ayurvedic / Yogic Healing

  Get up between 4 and 5 AM: Prayer. Drink warm water ( -1 liter) kept in the previous night in a glass made of copper. Mix lemon (Subject to health and season) and white rock salt in that water. Afterwards do freehand exercise. Prayer / Pooja to be performed after taking bath.
  7- 8 AM : Practice Yoga-Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Bandha Mudra etc.  
  8:30 A.M. Breakfast (Liquid diet with little honey. Take warm water (for fat people) or room temperature water (for lean and thin people) with lemon. 
  9:00 A.M. Herbal tea / Seasonal green vegetable juice, seasonal fruits/ wood-apple (Bail) Juice / Boiled vegetables/ Fruits added with milk (with little sugar candy), Sprouted beans, wheat, currant (kismis) 25 nos, Rasin (munakka) 10 nos, Fig (gulor) 2 nos to be taken. 
  12:00 a.m.In lunch take boiled vegetables only (full course). Else take Brown bread / chapatti along with vegetables and sprouted pulses and salads. Else take Khitcherri (mixed rice +dal + veg) or Daliya with mung dal and vegetables. (chew to the last). 
  Do not drink drink water one hour before or after meal. In one sip do not drink more than 50 -100-ml. water. In a full day take 3-5 liters of water. After meal take one glass buttermilk with little salt (fry the card before taking). 
  Immediately after meal make a habit to go for urination. Sit in bazra-asana for 5-10 minutes with right nostril breathing. Take Myrobalan or some mouth refresher. 
  Don’t sleep after lunch. You can do yoganidra / relaxation for 30 minutes only to avoid stiffness. 
  Afternoon around 4:00 p.m.Herbal tea and bran-biscuit / fresh veg. soup / green veg and fruit juice / butter milk one glass / lemon, honey water / cow milk with sugar candy or sweet fruits. Walk bare feet 15-20 minutes on rough route with conscious breathing / jogging on accu-foot plate for 20 minutes. 
  Around 8:00 p.m. In dinner take fresh boiled veg only (full course ) . Else take seasonal raw vegetable and fruit salad / pulses+ veg+ daliya / brown-bread or bran-chapati and vegetables (Don't take only pulses in the night time). 
  Go to bed at 10:00 PM : (Do meditation before go to bed) Observe your thoughts and your breath. Then go to bed by turning towards left. Take thin pillow. Put 5-10 drops of almond/peanut / mustard oil or warm ghee (cow) into nose to avoid headache, cold & cough. It will help in sound sleep resulted into healthy body. Abstain from bad thoughts. 

Special Advice

 You can take 2 meals a day, 7 hours apart, the last meal being at least 2 hours before going to bed.
 Please avoid refined foods like white flour, polished rice, white sugar, tea, coffee, tobacco, chewing pan masala, drugs, kinds of smokes, alcohol, whitener milk powder, intoxicant drinks.Also avoid Rajasic and Tamasic foods.  
 Please reduce consumption of salt, sweets, sour, spices, ghee, kinds of fast-foods and non-veg. foods.  
  Take more raw food like fruits, vegetables, salad and soups etc. Take Satvic food. Chew well and eat slowly in calm and quite atmosphere. Don't use Audio, Video, T.V. / Radio etc. while taking food.
  Do Fasting once in a week or at least once in a month. However, you may take fruit juice and adequate water. 
Ensure 5-6 hours sound sleep and proper bowel movement. Observe Mauna (silence) for 3 hours daily. 
 For better result you can take Anema (pot, self or direct) twice a week. Neti, Dhuati, Mud-pack etc also to be done. During the healing process unwanted toxins formed in the body gets dissolved. 
 The interval between meals and the treatments should be at least 3 hoursafter food and at least one hour before food. 
  For the first four days of the course, all patients will undergo individual classes under close observation of yoga instructors. Numbers of asanas may be reduced or increased for the batches / patients depending on diagnosis, age, vitality and ability of the patient. Have a medical checkup to enable the teacher to prescribe what yogic practices you require. 
  Be positive, do positive and think positive. Have positive affirmation before sleep. Think of God as soon as you wake-up and when you go to bed.
Maintain a spiritual diary with simple living and high thinking. Do self-analysis and eradicate the mistakes committed to lead a happy and contented life.

OM Trymvakam yajamahe sugandhim pusti vardhanam urvarukam-ivabandhanan- mrityor-muksiya mamritat OM 

Maha-mritun-jaya Mantra means the Mantra that conquers the great death
The great death is our spiritual ignorance that makes us blind to the 
splendor ofdivine Beauty and perfection that pervades every speck of
space and that is our Nature

This powerful and revealing prayer is a wonder-working medicine, 
a formula for good health, long life and free from accidents. 
But most of us are powerful means for good experience.

OM Shanti... Shanti... Shanti..

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