Donation to Services needy
"Only a lit lamp can light others"

Let purity of purpose and sanctity of means be the Prime conditions towards perfection. Let strength of character and incorruptibility be the foundation stone of the nation. 

Life is God's design on earth; believe that you are the gradual unfolding of the Divine. Desire through all eternity and you must not lose an inch of ground for fully utilizing yourself in his wonderful scheme.

DONATION means your kindhearted Voluntary Contribution 

Significance of Donation 

"A thirsty bird can drink his fill from a river without causing the slightest change in the level of the stream. In fact, the river becomes even richer, having offered this seva to the bird. In the same way, generous to charity will only increase your true wealth." Kabir dasji Said 
In Aarti:- people, sing, "O Lord, nothing that I have is mine. Everything in my possession is yours. Therefore, whatever I am offering you today, really cost me nothing." 
Let us open our hearts and give with our own hands so the joy of giving is ours and not our inheritors' understanding, devotion and love. Then, from our own lives, these qualities radiate out like the rays of the sun. 

(If you feel the inspiration to do so… You can help with some donation / voluntary contribution to our NGO.) 

Various activities enumerated above maintenance. Security and other social needs, present and future, involve heavy expenses. These are not through:- 
Resources made available by the founders and trustees. 
Donations from individuals and charitable trusts. 
Ad-hoc donations in cash or kind during Kendra functions and other occasions.

Your valuable help Us appeal for Voluntary Contribution 
You may extend your valuable help by joining as regular Donor, or by making one time donation to meet the educational, medical-Aid, old-age, Home, orphanage expenses for the needy. 
Donations are also welcome for augmenting facilities like naturopathy Hospital Yoga-Meditation Hall. 
Books for library. Computer Training, you can sponsor by donating Rs. 10000/- Rs. 
Or 1000 $………..Nevertheless your visit to the known and guidance queries. Suggestions will give us great pleasure. 

Donor Benefits
Up to 50% or more than Tax-savings, plus the pleasure and satisfaction of being instrumentals in social project the "AKHANDA YOGA DHAM TRUST"

Worldwide Recognition through "HILLS" newsletter and other publications. 
Instead of one plaque in a temple, school or hospital, attribute to you or someone you love will be honorably displayed in 10,000 to 25'000 homes, schools, libraries, temples, universities and other institutions.You will inspire many others to give by the example you set. 

Our institution registered under the "FCRA" No. 34796001, Govt. of India. 
Your Generous Donations Is Appreciated all contributions are fully tax-deductible. 
Donation made to this institution is fully exempted from income -tax under saction "80-G" of 1961 . 
Your Sacrificial Service Will Complete This Lofty Mission

Yes my family and I am proud to support the project. We will contribute the following amount to the preservation of our "AYDT" "HILLS" Projects 
*Rs, 5,001, * Rs. 10, 001 *Rs. 50,001 * Rs. 1,00,001 *Others Rs...

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For details contact : - executive director 

Akhanda Yoga Dham Trust
Muni-ki Reti Rishikesh 
Ph. No. : - 00-91-9286567141,+91-9837073279,+91-9997190218

Bank Account Details 

1.Under F.C.R.A. Account (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) 
A/C No. 10548875103 / Code No. 1180.
Bank IFSC Code:- SBIN0001180  
(Through Swift Mail - " SBI NIN BB -558.")

State Bank of India, Rly. Road, Rishikesh Branch, INDIA
Ph: 0091-135-2430114, 2430780, 2436313 Fax: 0135-2430339 

2.Savings A/C No. 25000100001578
(Through Swift Mail - " BARBINBBAMRT -25000100001578.")
Bank of Baroda, Rishikesh Branch, INDIA
Ph: 0091-135-2430653

3. Savings A/C No. 3714000100056953.
Bank IFSC Code:- PUNB0371400 
(Through Swift Mail - " PUNBINBBDPR -3714000100056953.")
Panjab National Bank, Dehradun Road, Rishikesh Branch , INDIA 
Ph: 0091-135-2430361, Fax: 00-91-135-2436237.