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We are planning to set up the following four wings: 

Education Wing 
Child Labour Development Wing 
Medical Wing 
Nature Wing 

Education Wing: 

In our locality people of various walks of life with varied living standards are available. We have recently come across two severe earthquakes, which have substantially changed the glorious feature of Garhwal Mandal. Nevertheless, Government's non professional approach and slow moving policy have compelled a large section of the youth of Garhwal to give up their education and earn money to feed their family. 
To overcome this state of affair we are going to set up a Gurukul based modern education and orphanage centre. For this we would run a Vocational Education Institute through which we shall provide basic needs of youth. Also we shall provide shelter to orphan children. 

Child Labour Development Wing: 
Several million children all over the world are engaged in different places as child labors. Due to present education system and poverty of the rural mass many children are compelled to do work for their livelihood. Unfortunately, a large number of child labors are from Himalayas. The trust endeavors to establish a learning center where in it will be the prime objective to foster education based on modern scientific learning; to promote a healthy mind and a vibrant body enabling facilitation of spiritual development to rejuvenate latent noble virtues in children so that their lives epitomize the values of beauty, dedication, and rationalism there by Engendering a world of harmony friendship, brotherhood, peace, and prosperity. 

To eliminate this nagging problem we would create our educational wing, which will work in different parts of Himalayas. Children from weaker section and orphan children will get shelter and opportunity to study in our proposed Gurukul (ancient traditional school). For the poor children who are having burden to feed their family, we would provide them vocational training classes. Provision shall be kept for evening classes also. In this way the child will get a secured future and can live a peaceful life. 

Medical Wing 

Worldwide there are only three types of clinical services available: Allopathic, Homoeopathy and Ayurvedic. Being an Indian, we need to respect Vedas to understand nature cure and Ayurveda. This is our traditional and basic medicinal science. However, in this modern age, Allopathic has a vast field because of quick remedy and structured marketing and Research & Development facilities. 

We must understand that Allopathic and Nature cure are contrary to each other. Allopathic gives temporary instant relief, which is a suppressive treatment. But, nature cure cleans the disease from body by removing the bad elements. Presently, medical expenses of the individuals all over the world are increasingly very rapidly. Even then no solution could emerge. By means of Yoga and nature cure this critical problem can be addressed in a more cost effective manner. This is not only curative but also preventive causing increase of our general life expectancy. It will also provide an active nervous system for all individuals, which is essential for healthy and lengthy life. Propagating awareness and providing these healing facilities are the mission of this trust. 
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Nature Wing 
To develop and awaken the consciousness and concern for the upkeep & conservation of the natural resources, environment and ecology. Also to tap natural resources at various levels and maintaining the same. To render discourses through camps, seminars, training programmes, conducting programme on afforestation, plantation of herbs, medicinal plants, fruit-orchards. Propagate techniques of scientific agriculture quality, seed production, distribution and storage. Educate the rural poor/mass on optimum use, systematize collection of water; oil, wood and other related conservation techniques and to realise the sympathetic loving care of Mother Nature. 
Such activities have created-consciousness, awareness, concern, active participation, encouragement and dedication among the beneficiaries all over the world. This centre of Humanitarian Philanthropic Service has proposed to promote future projects with concrete and effective implementations and propagations of ancient Vedic Science & knowledge through construction of orphanage-Gurukul Brahmacharya Ashram and self-reliant Rishi Vidya-Ayatana, It also propose to conduct, manage, propagate and promote exclusively by women empowered "Mahila Mangal Samiti" constituted under the trust at Rishikesh to serve the nation and the mankind with truth, purity, perfection and goodwill. 

By the grace of God, Swamiji has taken a divine resolution to erect a grand and world's best residential centre for treatment and research in Yoga, Naturopathy and Ayurvedic Holistic Healing at RISHIKESH - HIMALAYAS, the holy land of saints and sages. This service centre initially started on a very tiny scale, future it will become a big centre of relief from various ailments and attaining moksha (salvation) for million of people in the Universes. 

Organic Food 
Flowers, fruits and grains will be grown with pure water, cow dung and neem leaf manure, on the Ashram land, wherefore people coming for treatment and Yog Sadhana may get pure and natural organic food.

Natural Beautification and Herbal Garden
Whereas, a celestial beauty will pervade the inner atmosphere of the Institution, the external surroundings such as roads, paths etc. will be made beautiful by planting variety of lovely and attractive flowers, creepers, trees and grass lawns to make the visitors so happy that they are lost amidst the beauties of nature. Rare medicinal plants, collected from all parts of country including Himalayan region will be planted on a vast land, in systematic way to conserve rare medicinal plants from extinction and to encourage their nourishment in the region, which will facilitate fresh use of flowers, fruits, leaves, seeds and skin of the medicinal plants for treatment and further research. Odorous wind flowing through herbal garden will soothe the body and calm the mind of all patients here. It is hoped that fresh and efficacious nectar extracted from plants of the herbal garden will be available as drink for patients

Brief Estimate of Construction 
Lodging Arrangement: Residential arrangement will be made for one thousand persons in first phase. Rooms, for five hundred persons shall have air-conditioned facilities and rest residential facilities, for another five hundreds persons will be provided with coolers. Separate residential arrangement will be made for volunteers and members of permanent staff.

Yog Sadhna Mandir 
 A big hall, covering area of about one lac square feet will be constructed
, in which, two thousand persons, together, may perform Pranyam, Asan and meditation etc.

A large kitchen along with a vast dinning hall will be constructed for dining of about two thousand persons, who join residential Yog training camp and other programmes as well as daily visitors, aspirants, curious people and devotees, at a time.

Research Centre 
Research work in both Yog and Ayurvaid, negligible in the country, at present, will be undertaken to provide them scientific base in laboratory to carry out work on international level on these two great fundamental resources of our ancient medical system on the perspective basis of modern medical science. This laboratory will be a centre of excellence to take up a series of issues for investigation, in order to benefit humanity world over. This will be helpful in restoring the supremacy of vedic culture in the world, once again.

Ashram's Dairy Farm 
Each devotee visiting the Ashram is likely to get pure and fresh cow milk.
A large cow shed will be established, wherein, cows of superior breeds will be kept to cater the 
need of milk. Grass and fodder will also be grown on the Ashram land.

Drug Manufacturing (Large Unit of Pharmacy) 
 At present, people in small number are receiving the benefit of high quality pure drugs at very low cost, as there is no arrangement, at present, to manufacture them on large scale. The new modernised pharmacy will be able to cater the need of large section of society.

Vedic Yajna-Anusthan (Agnihotra) 
 Yajna is a means of purifying the atmosphere, attainment of worldly pleasure and prosperity and inner tranquility. It is also a means of relief from miseries and diseases. A large Yajna Shala and Yajna Research Workshop will, therefore, be constructed for presenting the scientific base of Yajna before common mass.

Information And Broadcasting Centre 
 For sake of global spread of Ayurvedic methods of treatment and Yogic applications and to alleviate human sufferings, modern means of communications such as T. V., Radio, Magazines, Journals, News Papers etc. will be utilised effectively, in a well planned way.

We hereby solicit to draw your kind attention to extend your generosity and sanction the following project to bring about a successful, creative, multi-faced integrated development among the rural poor in the remote village.

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Akhanda Yoga Dham Trust
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